About us

In 2019, the Romanian Association of Temporary Work Agents (ARAMT), founded in 2010, changed its name to the ASSOCIATION OF HUMAN RESOURCES SERVICE PROVIDERS (AFSRU), a change whose main purpose was to expand the association’s area of activity in the field of human resources services. The Association of Human Resource Providers includes the most important companies in Romania that offer employment solutions. The Association of Human Resource Service Providers is a non-profit, non-governmental, apolitical, autonomous, independent and democratic organization.

AFRU is Romania’s representative in the World Employment Confederation-Europe.

Our industry …

is in the unique position of balancing the individuals’ rights and the companies’ constraints
Denis Pennel, Managing Director World Employment Confederation-Europe

Obiectives AFSRU

Creation of a public communication and lobbying platform necessary for the flexibility of legislation in the field of temporary work, employment, provision of payroll, personal administration, training and other outsourced services;

Establishing and promoting high standards of ethics and norms of good business practice for its members and the labor market in general;

Active role in creating and educating an active, skilled, mature labor market in Romania;

Initiating relevant partnerships in the HR field, through cooperation with professional associations and representative employers’ institutions;

Organizing events in the fields of interest for temporary work agencies, employment / recruitment agencies, payroll companies, personnel administration, training or other services;

Ensuring the necessary premises for the development and encouragement of flexible forms of work and activities practiced and promoted by its members in accordance with the law;

Affiliation with other relevant domestic or international organizations to align with European trends in the employment industry.

AFSRU Mission

AFSRU’s mission is to place itself as a lobby center in favor of the development and promotion of the temporary work industry, as well as it is in favor of adapting the current Romanian legislation to the EU adopted practices. AFSRU is dedicated to the promotion of the authorized Romanian temporary work agents..

The Association’s activities are dedicated to:

Representing the professional interests of the members of the Association and developing cooperation in the field of labor relations with central and local public authorities, other bodies and associations;

Elaboration and transmission of proposals and requests to the bodies with legislative power in the field of interest of the Association, for the creation of an efficient legal framework in the field of personnel services, in a way that allows the clarification of the legal provisions;

Active involvement in the social dialogue, in order to contribute to the improvement of the legislative process in the fields of interest for the members of the Association

Processing of information and statistical data of interest for the Association, provided by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection or other administrative institutions;

Promoting the general recognition of the principle according to which temporary work agencies represent the employers of employees working for user companies and under the supervision of these user companies;

Establishing international relations, partnerships and contacts with organizations that carry out activities similar to those of the Association;

Monitoring the activities of providing personnel services, processing and analyzing the possible violations of the Code of Good Practice of the Association as well as proposing measures to correct such violations;

Active involvement in any actions / approaches aimed at combating and avoiding any acts / acts of discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, language, faith and religion, politics or similar such as affiliation to unions formed on the basis of nationality, ethnicity and / or origin in matters of labor relations, as prohibited by law.