AFSRU Structure

Our industry …

facilitates adaptation to change, better labour markets and decent work

FSRU’s Board of Directors comprises the representatives of the founding members as well as the representatives of the associate members. The President of the Board of Directors is democratically elected by the Board’s members and is mandated for a year. The Censors’ Committee verifies, whereas the General Secretary implements the Board of Directors’ decisions. From a strategic point of view, the Association’s activity is organized into Committees, as follows:

Legislation and External partnerships Committee


  • Placing AFSRU as an expert partner of discussions with the public authorities (i.e.the Ministry of Labor, ANOFM, ITM, etc.) in matters concerning the current and future legal framework
  • Developing partnerships and collaborations with the authorities in order to ensure the cohesive and consistent interpretation of the current labor legislation on national, regional and local levels
  • Developing the relationship with Eurociett and ILO, as well as with other similar associations in order to synchronize the AFSRU activities to the European evolution of the temporary work market

Membership and Partnership Committee


  • Attracting new members in order to better represent the industry on a national level
  • Developing the services offered to the Association’s members
  • Initiating and developing partnerships in the public/private sector in order to boost the temporary work market and to reduce the rate of unemployment.

Studies and Data Committee


  • Initiating quarterly studies concerning the temporary work labor force
  • Initiating annual quantitative and qualitative studies concerning the Romanian labor market and participating in similar cross-national studies
  • Developing partnerships that would give access to pertinent data regarding the labor market in Romania

Communication and Media


  • Enhancing the exposure of AFSRU and its members in the media
  • Ensuring transparency in the process of communication on subjects concerning the Romanian and the European temporary work market
  • Organizing meaningful events on the subject of the temporary work market evolution and trends.