Francesco Zacchetti, Adecco Romania: In Romania, women’s representation in top executive positions remains relatively low

In an enlightening interview with Business Review, Francesco Zacchetti, Country Manager of Adecco Romania, sheds light on the evolving dynamics of the Romanian labor market, with a particular focus on the empowerment of women in business. Zacchetti offers an insightful analysis of the challenges and opportunities faced by women striving for executive positions in Romania, emphasizing the importance of ambition, perseverance, and a supportive network in navigating the complexities of gender biases and societal expectations.


What determines the success of a woman in business? 

A woman’s success in the business environment in Romania is shaped by a combination of factors, including her ambition, knowledge base, perseverance, skills, qualifications, networking, as well as resilience and how she navigates gender biases and society’s expectations. Besides, a woman can be significantly empowered through accessibility to resources, mentorship or support communities, elements that help her grow and thrive in the Romanian business market.  

How difficult is it today for a woman to assert herself in executive positions?