Inclusion: Awareness is good, training is better

  • Adecco’s Global Workforce of the future research examines the world of work through the lens of 30,000 workers from 23 countries across multiple industries, spanning entry-level workers to senior executives. 
  • The report evaluates employers’ efforts in providing an inclusive and diverse work environment. Yet 60% of business leaders feel they need help in advancing further in this field, so do managers on 58% and non-managers on 48%.
  • Lower-income workers are less likely to feel that their workplace is inclusive, or that they are able to speak up (59%) versus high-income workers (67%). They’re also less likely to receive D&I training (58% vs 65%).

Workplace inclusion is moving in the right direction, according to research done by Adecco: the majority of workers have a favorable perception of the progress employers have made in promoting diversity and inclusion in recent years.

Francesco Zacchetti, Country Manager Adecco Romania, states: “Inclusion and diversity have always been part of Adecco’s identity, and this aspect will always be a significant foundation for us. The integration of all employees into the workforce should become a reality regardless of age, race, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or disability. According to our report, it is encouraging to see that 64% of the surveyed Romanian employees believe their employers are currently making greater efforts for inclusion than they did 2-5 years ago. This should be an inspiring moment for every employer on the market, as things are heading in the right direction, but there still is much more to be done.”