AFSRU signs the Diversity Carta

“We are equally honored and proud to join a community whose principles and values are based on equal opportunities and diversity. The signing of the Diversity Carta is a natural step we take, meant to reaffirm our dedication to promoting these values both within the Association of Human Resource Service Providers (AFSRU) and within the companies its members represent.

AFSRU has taken an active role in the creation and education of the labor market since its incorporation, with a special emphasis on establishing and promoting high standards of ethics and norms of good practice for its members and for the labor market in general.

The industry we represent focuses on people and their needs and valuing everyone’s potential is a priority for all of us. The future of the labor market can be built only on equal opportunities, on respect for equity and acceptance of diversity in all its forms “, said Bogdan Gabor, President of the Association of Human Resource Service Providers, AFSRU.

 About AFSRU

In 2019, the Association of Temporary Employment Agents (ARAMT), founded in 2010, changed its name into the ASSOCIATION OF HUMAN RESOURCES SERVICE PROVIDERS (AFSRU), a change whose main purpose is to expand the association’s area of activity in the area of services in the field of human resources. The Association of Human Resource Providers includes the most important companies in Romania that offer employment solutions. The Association of Human Resource Service Providers is a non-profit, non-governmental, apolitical, autonomous, independent and democratic organization.

AFRU is Romania’s representative in the World Employment Confederation-Europe.

The Diversity Carta in Romania is an initiative that brings together at the same table the most diverse interested groups and which proposes to its signatories a collaborative platform for action, debate and exchange of good practices around diversity management. The Diversity Charter brings together at the same table 137 signatories, covering approx. 190,000 employees who have publicly assumed the principles of the Charter.