guide for employee

Being a good temp is all about flexibility. You need to be able to adapt and change to different work environments and cultures all the time, which isn’t always easy.

So how do you ensure that you have a steady stream of work?
  • Shop around for the right TAW for you and check your information whenever possible. Don’t hesitate to contact the authorities if you notice any irregularities about your contracted missions.
  • Pay attention to the information that is given to you about your new job and make sure you are aware of all binding legal aspects of your contract.
  • Be flexible. The ideal contract may be just around the corner and you also need to be flexible within your contract – never say ‘that’s not my job’.
  • Keep your agency informed. If you do find a job, move house, change telephone number or are planning to leave the country, please inform your agency as they will want to help with the next career move
  • Be professional. When you start an assignment be punctual, reliable and presentable and make sure that you keep a professional attitude – you are never ‘just a temp.’
  • Don’t lose touch. It is in your interest not to lose touch with any of the agencies you have registered with even if you have become disillusioned and not heard from them for a while. The ideal position may become available at any time.